Tuesday, March 1, 2016


work-in-progress - 22" x 30" - watercolor on aquabord

Well hello there.  I was thrown a couple curveballs over the past two weeks that explain my cyberspace absence.  Two weeks ago today, my dad went into the hospital unexpectedly for a battery of tests that I'm happy to report came back negative.  He is doing very well, and we are all extremely grateful for that.  :)

work-in-progress - 8" x 8" - watercolor on aquabord

On a lighter note but nonetheless distracting, last Monday I took a fabulous trip to IKEA (with my dear friend, June) to look for some organizational supplies and other fun doodads.  After 5 1/2 hours of shopping (yes . . . you read that correctly), I came back with many delightful items including an adorable rolling cart for my palette and painting tools, rolling storage for works-in-progress and other various flat files, and some lovely window treatments to help eliminate the glare in my studio.  Hence, I spent all last week, putting together my IKEA furniture (I like to call them legos for adults) . . . hemming & hanging curtains, sorting, carting, rearranging and reorganizing furniture, files, artwork, supplies and books in my studio and basement.  I still have lots more to do but feel that now I am in fine form for creating!

work-in-progress - 11" x 14" - watercolor on aquabord

Lastly . . . the images in this post are three paintings in their current state, that I am looking forward to finishing up this month.  I've also been photographing, editing and preparing other new paintings, and developing classes and workshops. While I may have been inactive on the internet, I've certainly been very active in the studio and basement!  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Bonjour chère amie,

    Je suis heureuse d'apprendre que les résultats médicaux de votre papa soient négatifs.
    Une belle manière de se faire plaisir que d'apporter du changement dans votre atelier !...
    Je suis sous le charme de vos créations en cours... Très joli travail !

    Gros bisous ♡

  2. All just stunning pieces Kara. The blueberries is such a large painting it must have quite the impact in person. And a little nesting once in a while is good for the soul :)

  3. These paintings are so beautiful Kara! So glad your Dad is doing well! I can certainly relate to cyber absence. You have made good use of your time. It all feeds into the passion!


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