Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Hello again.  I'm still working on commissions, although I'm pretty much finished with the large acrylic.  I'll be posting that in a few weeks but have to wait until after it's delivered as it's a surprise.

As for the above image -- I had some bookmarks made.  I think they're cute and have my information on the backside.  I had them made at in case you're looking to have some made.  Lots of people use VistaPrint -- but for some reason, I don't particularly care for them - but hey, if they work for you -- by all means use them.  However, if you're looking for another online printing service, Overnight has always done a great job for me, and I think their prices are pretty competitive.  I like that they can do fairly small runs, allowing me to change up my designs.  

Anyhoo . . . that's the latest news here.  I'm finishing up one more commission -- a dog portrait -- and we all know how much I LOVE DOGS!  :)  This one will be done today and delivered tomorrow so I'm excited to finally be able to post it.  That one is a surprise, and I think the recipients do tend to occasionally check out my blog.  Oh my goodness . . . and I've probably already said to much.  I just get so excited.  

Anyway . . . really . . . I haven't been slacking . . . just working on other stuff.  :)

Have a great day . . . thank you for stopping in and keep on paintin'!


  1. Lovely painting... Kara! What a lovely gift! I love your bookmarks too. Thanks for sharing Overnight Prints, I am not happy with VistaPrint either!

  2. I love the Vermont-new York lake Champlain area. Was this near Burlington? It is a truly beautiful painting Karen.

  3. Great looking bookmarks and thanks so much for the tip. i'll give them a try! can't wait to see the dog portrait.

  4. love your painting and the bookmarks, how can I Purchase? I really like them:)


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