Tuesday, November 1, 2011

MIA . . . Halloween Snowstorm

You'll have to pardon the lack of art but we were hit with a crazy snow storm on Saturday night and have been without power ever since.  EEEEiyow!  It's a bit chilly, but not as bad as it could be.  The only thing that really rots is we're without water because we have a well (and no generator!)  Boo!!!  So I'm living like a colonial -- I should be all excited about it, as I'm a huge lover of antiques, Old Sturbridge Village, old homes, yadda, yadda, yadda.  But the lack of running water has me a bit put out.  I feel like I'm living with an inch of grunge on everything -- with dogs running all over the place, wet and dirty paws and me having to ration the water we do have.  But my friends have let us use their shower -- thank goodness!

I was able to get a little internet to write this post at my friend June's.  She owns June's Bakeshop  right down the road.  (BEAUTIFUL and DELICIOUS cookies and cakes) and I take care of her website - if you have a moment, check her out.  (and she ships!)  :)  I've been working on some paintings so I'll have some things to show you once we get our cable up and running again.  (The cable is literally lying on the ground in the front yard.  How nuts is that?  Luckily we don't have live wires, but it's creepy driving around dodging wires and trees.)

So that's the scoop here.  Not exactly sure when we'll be back up and running or I'll be clean again.  :)  I'm hearing Thursday.  Let's hope!  We've actually been very lucky . . . the past few years have brought some wild weather with major power outages to this area and we've dodged it all, so it's our turn.  That being said -- until we're juiced again --- Cheerio!


  1. That is a major bummer. And I totally feel your pain about the muddy dogs running all over the place. *sigh* here's hoping it gets fixed in a hurry!

  2. Sorry about your having to rough it. My daughter was without water and electricity for four or five days after hurricane Ike. We don't really appreciate it until we're without it.

    Your friend June is an artist, herself! I've never seen such cute cupcakes and beautiful cakes!

  3. Kara - I feel for you! I am on the North Shore of MA and we just got our power back last night. I hope that yours will follow soon! It's kinda fun for the first day to live like colonials - but then it gets old fast ;-)

    Let's hope the sun continues to shine...and that power comes your way soon....

  4. Thanks so much for the kind thoughts -- our power came back on Saturday at about 1 pm. Almost 7 days. It was very exciting. :) However there are some still without power -- ugh -- I hope they get it back soon -- like Debbie commented, "it gets old fast."


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