Thursday, August 11, 2011

What a Treat!

I returned home from running some errands today, to find a very kind email in my inbox. It was from Nuria Mejias an artist and fellow-blogger from Spain who has included me on her watercolor blog,  "Amantes De La Acuarela." I am honored and very humbled to be included among some extremely talented watercolorists. (I have so much to learn.) I encourage you to check out her blog -- you too, will be inspired! You can also see some of Nuria's lovely watercolors by visiting her personal blog, "Acuarelas Nuria Mejias." Thank you again Nuria!  :)

One other little tidbit is that the giant 4' x 8' panel I painted is up!! The Art Wall has been constructed and is on display throughout the remainder of this month on 111 Main Street in Southbridge at the Quinaboag Valley Council for the Arts and Humanities until its auction on August 28th.  If I did this correctly, you can see the short video of the wall's installation below.  If I didn't . . . well . . . you won't be able to see it.  I'm crossing my fingers!  :)


  1. It works! I loved seeing the art wall and hearing the artists' comments. Your piece looks great!

  2. Thanks to you Kara for sharing your art with us, you and all your followers are invited to blog We hope your visits


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