Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Things For Me Over At DPW!

So for most of today I got myself all organized to sell paintings . . . or should I say, TRY to sell some of my paintings.  It's such weird thing for me . . . hard to find that "just right" price point . . . it makes me nervous.  Anyway . . . I told myself that by the end of August I would sign up with Daily Paintworks for use of their auction and gallery space.  So that's what I did today.  I put up 17 paintings -- mostly small ones.  I have a few others, but they're older and so I'm going to wait to auction those.  I also put up my first auction.  It's the above painting, entitled "Quiet."  I posted it here a few weeks ago.  The painting doesn't come framed, but it does come matted.  The folks over at DPW suggested that a photo be taken of what the painting would look like framed so that potential buyers could get a better idea of what could be hanging on their wall.  :)  (hence the above photo).  So if you'd like to take a gander at my new gallery page, click here and you can also take a looksee at what the auction page looks like.  I'm excited to get back this week, to painting and now "auctioning."  Wish me luck!  (I'm excited, but a little apprehensive too).

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  1. Beautifully captured. Every time I see a painting done in this sober color palette with a past era theme, it's difficult not to think of Andrew Wyeth. Hoping your artwork has a successful venture.


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