Tuesday, November 13, 2012

2013 Calendars


Oh my goodness . . . I have no idea if this is going to work . . . so please bear with me while I travel the crazy and foreign roads of online marketing and ecommerce!  As you can see from the photo above, I've had some calendars printed up for 2013 -- great Christmas gifts, by the way!)  :)  The image for each month is shown above.  I have two styles to choose from, a small desk size and a wall calendar size (as described in the "Styles" drop-down menu above -- how fancy is THAT!?)  If you would like to purchase your calendar please click on the "add to cart" button.  If it proves to be a nightmare and I can't make this work, then I will have to forgo the button.  (This is my first time trying this PayPal button thing . . . so I may be asking for your help out there fellow bloggers/internet sellers if I somehow foul this all up and can't figure it out).  In the meantime, if there is trouble and you would like to purchase a calendar -- please drop me an email and just let me know your order.  It looks like shipping will be between $3 - $5 based on the quantity you purchase.

P.S.  I'm very anxious about this, as I go to click "Publish."  Wish me luuuuuccckkkk!   


  1. Ziet er fantastisch uit veel succes ermee lieve groetjes Danielle

  2. This is great -- you are really on a roll on both the painting and business side! I tried the paypal button and it seems to be working. I am curious where you get these calendar's printed, and also, where you get your giclees printed? I am still scouting out for potential resources -- I did order my notecards from Cat Print and was quite happy with the result! Thank you so much Kara for the recommendation! (I used Heavy Card Stock and Matte Finish, are they the right ones to use? I remember you sent me this information and I saved it but I just cannot find it on my hard disk when time comes for me to look for it -- I am so disorganized, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! So I am shamelessly asking again, but I used those two and the results seem to be very nice!)

  3. That worked well. I look forward to using your calendar next year!

  4. I ordered the paper samples from Catprint and then got a card printed (but in Canada they don't have all the same paper and I wasn't too happy). Guess I will have to have them published in the US...


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