Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year!

"Insight Into My Sole"
12" x 16"

"Egg On A Plate"
23" x 23"

So I'm finally posting again.  I hope you all had wonderful holidays. Best wishes for a very happy and healthy New Year to you as well.  I took quite the hiatus, eh?  But I'm motivated and inspired and ready to paint.  While I don't have anything new to show, I've been planning out some new paintings and have a couple that are just about finished.  I've also been working on a commission.  It's very different from my watercolors -- part of my "other life" -- a tavern sign in a more early American naive style.  It's been fun and a nice departure.  I also have another commission after that -- a home portrait in acrylics.  So I'll be busy.

In the meantime I just entered the two slightly older paintings (above) in the Concord Art Association members show.  We'll see how they do -- it's juried so there's a good chance they may not even make it in.  Gaaahhhh!  I'll keep my fingers crossed.  I would preferred to have entered something newer, but the good news is many have sold.  :)  So I must get busy painting away!

Have a great day . . . and I promise I'll be back soon with some new work.  Cheers!


  1. It's amazing how you nailed the reflection on the egg white and the plate. I just read all your older blog posts and found that you have a wonderful sense judging values, which I find difficult sometimes. Do you paint from B&W or colored reference materials? I am intrigued to learn more about how you work. -- And, they are beautiful pieces, both of them. I think they will surely make the cut. ;-)

  2. Kara,
    These are just 'WOW' paintings. You make the ordinary look so beautiful. I hope they get into the show too.

    take care..

  3. Hi Arena . . . thank you for your comment and stating that you think that I judge values well. That's always a huge challenge for me and I am not nearly as confident in that area as I'd like to be. I generally paint from colored photos that I take. In Photoshop however, I will desaturate and play with the contrast in a b&w version. I also will crank up the saturation to get a better understanding of temperatures. Because I arrange my own still lifes I control the composition, but oftentimes I still fiddle with them in Photoshop to make them more dynamic. I let the basic arrangement dictate the final dimensions of the painting. So it's tough for me to paint according to standard frame sizes which would be a lot easier when I'm faced framing for shows. Ultimately, to answer your question, I use a few different photo references. -- Thanks for asking.

  4. Thank you so much Prabal. I'm about to post that "Insight . . . " made it into the show. :)

  5. Thank you for the detailed explanations! The tips are very helpful. I never thought that increase the saturation tool in photoshop can be used to help judge color temperature when the intensity of the photo is low -- that make total sense! I will try it next time I am facing the problem as well.

    And congratulations for the show!

  6. Kara, this painting of "Egg on a Plate" is wonderful. It initially looks like such a simple composition, but your mastery of the reflections is awesome. I can just feel the wetness and globular softness of that egg yolk! Beautiful!

  7. LOVE your "Egg on a Plate"! I am working on an egg painting too...we'll see how it goes. Your reflections are amazing, this piece is dynamic! :)


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