Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Patterns In Blue

"Patterns In Blue"
6" x 6"

I'm getting back into the swing of things again with this little painting in blue, between saving the little pumpkins I placed around the backyard for decoration, from the dogs.  They are little devils who cannot be trusted.  Last week I spied on them through the window as they pushed a pumpkin down the hill and watched it roll into the pool.  When I asked them what they were up to -- they looked VERY guilty . . .  for all about 3 seconds then started wagging their tails and "doggy-laughing" which consists of lots of butt-wiggling.  So naughty!  (but so stinkin' cute)  :)


  1. Love this painting! Really enjoy the use of pattern:) Love the story about your silly puppies too:) We have naughty/butt wiggling doggie to!

  2. I loved this painting, what a clean work for such a complicated patterns...congratulations.

  3. Thank you Eren and Carrie. I do love painting patterns.


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