Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm A Scrubber

"Pumpkin Shadows"
9.75" x 9.75"

(an example of what this could look like when framed)

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When in doubt -- scrub it out.  I thought I had once again ruined this painting.  (For those of you who have been following my blog you might remember my numerous failed attempts at this painting last Fall -- ha!)  Well . . . I tried it again.  About 3/4 of the way through, I thought I had gotten too dark with the shadows so I decided to scrub them out.  Then I thought the pumpkins were too dark.  So I scrubbed them out.  Then I thought that everything appeared too muddy so scrubbed some more and then threw on some more washes (YEEEow! - scarey stuff!) I think it all worked out though in the end.  While I really enjoy the push/pull of watercolor (i.e. putting color down, then lifting it out), my goal is still to achieve proper values earlier on, without having to scrub.  It always gets dicey when you're playing with color that way.  Anyway . . . thanks for looking -- have a good day!


  1. Talk about inspiring....oh heavens this is fabulous and that pile of shoes...omg...what a piece....YOU inspire ME!!!!

  2. It's beautiful, Kara! Love all those colors in the shadows! Scrubbing can be a great thing:)

  3. Lovely, Kara! I was interested in reading about your struggles with values. I have the same problem with oil paints, so I wipe off and re-paint often.

  4. I followed this over from the DPW Challenge, Kara. Wonderful work. Great scrubbing on this one.
    Those warm/cool shadows are the highlight to me!!!


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