Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Watercolor Class

13" x 18"

This is the beginning of a painting that I started today in a watercolor class that I'm taking at the Concord Art Association in Concord, Mass. (a beautiful town if you've never been).  The class is with Marla Greenfield, who is an amazing watercolorist.  I've known of her work for a few years now through various shows and the internet, so I was very excited when my friend suggested that we take a class at Concord and I saw that Marla was teaching one.  Everything's going well except for a couple issues beyond those of an artistic nature as:  1. I am driving my friend crazy because every five minutes I say "isn't this the best?  aren't you excited?  don't you just love to paint?" . . . and 2.  I felt a little goofy at first, meeting Marla whose work I've followed because I don't want to seem like some kind of "Kathy Bates -- I'm your biggest fan" cyberstalking wacko.  Not to mention I keep saying "I'm so excited . . . isn't this the best?  this is what people who like riding rollercoasters must feel like."  Good Lord.  I must get out more.  Other than that, I'm having a complete blast, and who cares if I make a mess of this painting (or drive my friend batty) this is fun, yippee!  

So anyway . . . this painting looks a little crazy for now - Marla begins with warm, cool and yellow "glow" washes and glazes local color over top.  You can read about her process in last Winter's issue of Watercolor magazine found on her website.  I'm very excited to learn how to create glow - hopefully I won't be too much of a dunce. So that's the scoop for today.  Have a great night.  :)


  1. You had me laughing and at such a late hour here too....I probably woke up the neighbors. I can relate to your enthusiasm in class:)...I can see the glow happening in this piece. Thanks for a link ...will go check out her glowing work.

  2. "cyberstalking wacko" ha ha ha! So excited for you, and workshops are the best, and painting is the best! Have fun!!

  3. ha ha ha that's hilarious!! I can understand why you are a big fan her work is AMAZING!!! I wish I could paint like that! I love your painting so far it's really beautiful... gorgeous colours! :)

  4. I love your enthusiasm for your class. I perfectly understand, as I feel that way too! And I also worry whether people think I'm a cyber stalker. Oh, well.

    This painting is beautiful as it is. Love the blues in the apple stem and vase. Beautiful composition, too.

  5. Only those you really know would ever call you a cyberstalker, we know your past experiences with FB! I am sure this class will make your work even better! Such an achiever! However, your "Bittersweet Pumpkin" is really divine. I may have to just put in a personal request, under the circumstances, I'm sure you'd oblige. :o) xo

  6. Glad you enjoyed this post . . . thank you all for writing. It's so fun to read your comments. I really appreciate you all taking the time to write something . . . you're all very kind and encouraging! :)


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