Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Daily Paintworks "Old Mill Challenge"

"The Old Mill"
5" x 7"

If you haven't ever visited my website, you wouldn't know that in addition to watercolor I also paint in acrylics, but in an "early American naive" style.  I have always had a love of colonial New England, antiques, early American folk art and more specifically, the murals of Rufus Porter.  I actually have only recently started seriously painting with watercolor.

This week the Daily Paintworks Challenge provided a photograph of an old mill.  I decided to use the photo to inspire a more naive-style painting.  This painting was painted in acrylics, and "aged" (lightly sanded then stained)  It is painted on panel.  It was a good departure from the watercolors - I haven't painted in this style in a while and it's fun.  I actually have a mural I started in this style, in my house that I need to finish.  Perhaps this will get me going on it again.  So much to paint, so little time!  :)


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