Thursday, April 7, 2011

Little Study

I was messing around yesterday with my watercolor pencils.  I was inspired by a small painting at Daily Paintworks.  It was beautiful and soft.  Well . . . needless to say I have a very long way to go in mastering that media, but I'll keep plugging.  They're really great for sketching. 

Below is the little painting I did.  I have some beautiful photos I took in the Fall so I think I'll try some more tiny paintings today for practice.  I ended up using my colored pencils over the watercolor pencils.  Landscapes and trees are a constant struggle for me, so I'm very happy to practice.  

Tree Study
3" x 4"

Just a quick note:  (I usually "preview" my post before I publish it and it's been so helpful to see the artwork posted.  I can view it with fresh eyes and more objectively than when it's on my drawing board.  So like with this image, I now see so many things that need fixing that I'll probably go back into it.  I know it's important to let paintings sit before calling them "finished" . . . but I get impatient and excited to post and so I usually just throw it up here on my blog as soon as it's dry!  Usually though, I later, go back into it and fix the little areas that need adjusting.  So "blogging" for me has been a very useful tool in finishing my paintings.  I'll have to remember to upload this image again on a new post, if it changes so you can compare.  Well, that's all!)

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