Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Portfolio Review

I spent some time recently revising and re-designing my Artist's Statement, Biography, and c.v. so that they all reflect my new brand. I needed to do this and the fact that I was going to be attending my first Portfolio Review last weekend hosted by the Cambridge Art Association at the Lesley University campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts presented me with the necessary deadline.

I had never participated in a Portfolio Review and was a little nervous as I wasn't sure exactly what to expect. But it proved to be a great experience. I met with three reviewers, two individuals from local museums and one gallery owner. My reviews were a mixed bag with some overlap but all very helpful. I found that I "clicked" most with a gallery owner who's basic outlook on art seemed to match mine, which is probably a more pragmatic, business point of view. I mean, I have an appreciation for making art that feeds one's soul, but let's face it, I gotta eat. For me, painting what I love is paramount, and improving my skills as a painter and editor of subjects and how they are conveyed is important to me. Lucky for me I've been able to connect with my many collectors who share this appreciation for and my depictions of, the simplicities of life. They have purchased my painting, supporting me in this wacky endeavor to document my time in history, for which I am extremely grateful. Overall, I left the review feeling encouraged, inspired and ready to take the next steps necessary for gaining more exposure.

Cambridge Art Association did a wonderful job hosting this event and preparing artists through a Portfolio Review Preparation Workshop a couple weeks before. 

Below is a little slideshow that I put together of the work I showed at my reviews.  Thank you for following me on this journey!  Now I better get back to my drawing board!!


  1. I love your art as is. I am also a realistic watercolor artist. I can see that you are preserving history with your subjects. Also, your technique combined with composition and color are appealing to people who find your paintings triggering a memory.

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