Monday, June 5, 2017


"Princeton Barn"
12" x 9"
(framed watercolor on aquabord)

I did some framing over the weekend and decided to share the fruits of my labor.  "Princeton Barn" is framed in a beautiful plein air frame from Randy Higbee's collection.  The other three, shown below are framed in Ampersand's black floater frames.

I am happy to announce that "Princeton Barn" has found its "forever home" (many thanks to my newest collectors) and now "Truro Light" is looking to find its new home.  I'm going to hang onto the Amsterdam paintings for shows, but if you are interested in "Truro Light" you can get a better view of it at my DPW Gallery.

"Truro Light" (10" x 8")
"Canal House Copper" ("14" x 11")
"Parked" (14" x 11")

"Truro Light" - $300 
Click here to purchase.

Have a great start to your week!

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  1. Beautiful work,Kara! How cool that you could go to Europe and be inspired too. Adds even more variety to your talent. WOW!!


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