Monday, May 8, 2017


Dutch Interior - work in progress
14" x 11"
watercolor on cradled aquabord

I recently had the opportunity to travel to The Netherlands, with a dear friend to visit her lovely daughter who has been living and working in Amsterdam for the past three years. We timed it perfectly in order to see the tulips in bloom. I had never traveled overseas before so this was my first taste of Europe.  What a treat!

 A Keukenhof garden scene -- just spectacular!
Even on a cloudy, drizzly day the gardens were magnificent and enjoyable!

It was a very exciting and fun experience. My friend and her daughter were gracious and hospitable. We took in amazing museums and tours, visited plenty of cafes and even did some shopping.  And of course I took lots of pictures for future paintings!

A couple of the museums we toured were of historical canal homes. The first work-in-progress painting (top) is of a shot I took in the kitchen of one of the homes. I loved the light and as you know I'm a sucker for windows. Ha!

Goofing around with some giant glasses!

It's taken me a while to get back into the social media thing. I really do enjoy "unplugging" sometimes. But then it's tough for me to get back into it.  

Anyway, I hope you've all been well. I'll be posting my progress in the days to come, so stay tuned! Thanks for popping by.

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  1. So happy that you had a lovely break, Kara - and to the Netherlands? at tulip time?? Totally jealous!


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