Monday, March 20, 2017


"Big Red"
10" x 7"
(watercolor on paper)

I've had nothing but birds on the brain whenever I've sat down to paint in the past couple weeks. My morning students are painting cardinals so as I've mentioned in previous post, I've painted this image multiple times and in various stages to help them along. Because I've gotten so intimately acquainted with this little fella, I even used him in a painting demonstration for the Quabbin Art Association last week.

Happily I finally finished one of my versions of this guy today.  He's on paper, and luckily I have the perfect mat and frame for him in my inventory, so this one will come all ready to hang. I may have a buyer already, but if not, I will post the specifics.

Below is what this painting looks like all framed up.

I've had to be busy with other things lately, (taxes being one of those things but alas I am done!) so I am ready to paint again and it feels really good!

Have a lovely day.  

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  1. Very beautiful. I think the grays you've made for the background and branches perfectly complement the cardinal's red. I can't decide if the bird and the background are cool or warm ... which I guess means they're perfectly balanced!


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