Sunday, May 4, 2014

Newsletter and Circus Elephants?

So, I've been catching up on Artists Helping Artists blogtalk radio with Leslie Saeta and got all pumped up about a newsletter.  I've wanted to do one -- just seasonal -- for a while now.  (I don't think I could commit to anything more than 4-times-a-year-for-now.  I'm a disaster when it comes to following routines like that.  You know, the "Tuesday is laundry day and Friday is dusting day, etc."  I just can't do it -- I'm truly the worst . . . but I digress.)  So I'm taking the plunge.  With the newsletter, not the laundry . . . that's another issue.  If you'd like to receive a seasonal newsletter from me -- where there will be some newsy bits, exclusive offers, workshop info and perhaps even "early bird specials" on new paintings . . . please fill out a form on my website under "newsletter."  I'm looking forward to getting my first one out very soon.

In other news . . . 

"Circus Elephant"
8" x 10"
(framed watercolor on aquabord)

Click here to bid - starting bid:  $125

I'm opening the bidding again on "Circus Elephant" - one of my first Fisher Price paintings.  The price is the same, yet now it comes framed in a lovely blue, wooden frame with very slight distressing on the edges.  (The frame really does pick up the blue in the elephant and is more complimentary than what my monitor is showing).  The painting has been coated with a UV protective, matte finish and is not framed under glass, however is mounted so that it appears to float within the frame.  It would be pretty cute in a baby's nursery and would make a great shower or new baby gift.

Thanks for stopping by.  Happy first full week of May!

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