Sunday, January 26, 2014

Some Work

work in progress
12" x 12"
watercolor on aquabord

I did some work on this the last couple days and thought I'd post my progress.  Thank you for stopping by and stay warm!


  1. It's a Sunday and it's COOOOOLLLD in Michigan (too), so I will stay inside and aspire to paint anything even remotely as lovely as this. I find it intriguing that after making the several blossoms so definite and real, there are a few in the background represented by just the silhouette. And then the "watery" subtle background so that those of us who LOVE watercolor can know that's what you are using. But wait: still in progress? What else is in store for us?

  2. What a lovely painting this already is!

  3. beautiful lines and bold/delicate application of paint in your work. Nice.


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