Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Little More Work

Well, I'm still plugging along.  I find it very relaxing working on the details, although there's little to show when I post my progress. I also spent quite a while fixing some areas, so I'm not sure you'll even notice much difference from my last post.  Also I think the color is off somewhat in both these photos, so please forgive me.  I didn't have the time to color correct. There are a lot of subtle differences on the daisy petals that has gotten got lost.  Anyway, I just wanted to check in and let you know I haven't abandoned my painting.  :)

I also would also like to mention that I had a great time yesterday morning, giving a watercolor demonstration to a high school art class on illustration.  My long-time friend and former-co-worker, Bill, invited me in to show his students some techniques for an editorial cartoon lesson they are working on.  Hopefully they learned some things in between our hysterical laughter!  Bill and I go back a long way and I must say, have pretty good comedic timing with each other.  :) He's an amazing teacher and they are a very talented group of kids, so together I'm sure their final pieces will be magic!  :)  So thank you to Bill and his class -- it was a great morning!

Have a great day and thank you for stopping by.


  1. I would love to see you manage to make such beautiful, accurate, detailed flower petals, and still keep them so delicate. I fix little things, and when I step back, all of a sudden, overworked is the first word that comes to mind. Enchanting. I really WOULD take a workshop if I were closer to your neighborhood.

    1. Thank you, Katherine. I constantly struggle with overworking things, so I appreciate your comment. :)

  2. stunning work Kara - I wish I had the patience to work on details like you do and I wasn't so slapdash - really beautiful!

  3. It is gorgeous--the threads are amazing; and I love the colors and the composition.
    I must work on finding work on details relaxing (instead of anxiety-producing)!

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  5. Kara, one of your responders mentioned "paintings have feelings too" and this inspires me to go back and see what damage I've done by leaving an unfinished watercolor! Your work is awesome and very fresh. Thanks for sharing.
    Barbara in Chandler, AZ

    1. Thank you Barbara! I really like your collages. You can always use an unfinished watercolor in one of your collages and then it will feel very loved again! :)

  6. This is simply glorious! I lose myself in the top of the glass jar - the colours and the depiction of the glass is so opulent!


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