Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Card

I had a change of plans and decided to go with my painting "Tangled" as my Christmas Card this year. I got behind in my painting,"Holiday Sparkle," and didn't know if I'd have enough time to finish, design and order my cards, so I went with a painting I did earlier this year. Actually, this was originally my plan for my card anyway.  I'm really pleased with the way it turned out. (I get my cards at There is also a little red bulb on the inside along with the interior sentiment:  "and a Happy New Year!"  -- I should have taken a picture to show you. Oh well. 

I've been racing around, trying to CLEAN (an impossible battle), decorate, shop for gifts, wrap, etc. so sporadic painting has gone on. I did photograph some future still lifes last week and messed with them in photoshop. I also did some studies, worked on a commission - but nothing really to show yet. Did I share with you, that I've been attending figure drawing sessions? (Pardon me if I already have -- my brain is mush.) Well, aside from the past 2 weeks, I've been going on Monday nights to Workshop13. It's been so much fun . . . but I'm REALLY horrible. Bah! So I went online and found a very cool site that helps me practice. I also bought a great book. I am hopeful that I'll get better. It's such amazing training -- drawing what you see. So difficult, but oh so rewarding. And the people that surround me are MASTERS! It can be both intimidating and inspiring. They are really great people, so I'm mostly inspired.  :)

So that's the scoop around here. I finished up my watercolor workshop at Workshop13 last night. Two of my students were at a concert and finished last week. But here is a photo of my remaining "kids" and their completed work. I'm so proud of them all!!  Cheers!


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