Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Strawberry Teasers

detail - strawberry study
work in progress

Oh my goodness . . . this isn't quite fair, is it? I was taking some detail photos to help with my progress on a new strawberry study I'm working on and thought I'd share them with you. But they really are kind of a "tease" aren't they? Not really too much information for you. 

I guess this is my version of the old "cliff-hanger" shorts at the movies. (I actually don't remember those . . . but have heard about them from my dad who I swear thinks I was born in the 1930's, which would incidentally make me older than him!)  He sometimes ask me if I remember the ice wagon, listening to The Lone Ranger on the radio or bathing in a giant bucket on Saturday nights. Good Lord! You'd think he lived out in the woods somewhere 100 years ago! I have to remind him that he's the baby-boomer, not me. Ha! -- he makes me laugh.  :)

another detail - strawberry study
work in progress

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  1. This is interesting, to see some areas of the painting up close. I still can't fathom how watercolor artists control their colors so wonderfully. I'll just admire them, because I know I can never master anything close to that skill! Bathing in a bucket? My dad is like that too, I sometimes wonder if he just imagined half the stuff he tells me occurred when he was growing up.


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