Saturday, May 4, 2013


"No Cavities"  (almost done!)
11" x 14
watercolor on cradled aquabord
You're probably getting sick of seeing this painting almost as much as I am! I'm having problems finishing.  I've got this one and the "Really Big Shoe" that I just can't seem to motivate myself to finish -- and they're soooo close! Actually, I think the shoe is done . . . I'm just deciding on whether or not I need to smooth out the background wash, or put a slight shadow in it. I probably should just keep it the way it is. And this one . . . I just need to fix that floor (pain in the neck!) and work on a couple other values. Meanwhile -- I've begun drawing out some new paintings. That shouldn't surprise you . . . by now I'm sure you're used to my madness!  

Thank you for dropping by to view my work.  Happy Painting!


  1. I find it very sweet look hugs Danielle

  2. I wondered where you had been and was getting ready to do a 'buddy check" then I decided to just come here and get checked in. Looks like you have been busy with many projects.
    I am glad to see the Fisher Price friends are enjoying their various activities
    Keep us posted about the interview program..that sounds exciting. More later..Jo

  3. Found you via Jo MacKenzie's blog. What a cute painting. Excited to sign up for your blog.
    Sorry you had a stomach thing....not pleasant. I am a painter who has lived for many years in Arlington, MA but now mostly work out of my studio in Rohode Island.


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