Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Studio Mayhem, Focus Kara Focus!

There have been a lot of things going on here in ol' central Massachusetts. As you can see, I started a couple new small paintings on aquabord.  I've been feeling pressured to get something up on DPW and thought these would be fairly quick . . . why do I always think that - you think I'd know better by now?!  Anyway -- I had originally started the strawberry, then on Sunday I was painting at the Drover's Roast at Salem Cross Inn where I started the raspberries.  The Drover's Roast is a wonderful event -- you can click here for more information and/or visit the Inn's Facebook Page).  (And if you look closely enough at the FB page, you may even see me in costume leaving the gazebo - ha!  The photo was taken a couple years ago and before the meal because afterwards my costume's usually stretched to the max and busting at the seams.  Seriously -- you've never seen so much food!)  Anyway my goal is to finish both paintings by Friday.  

Oh and I haven't forgotten about my Fisher Price People!  Here are three started.  Well . . . you can't really see the middle one -- but I assure you it's drawn out.

The Backroads Studio Tour is coming up next month, so I've started framing some pieces and the studio is a complete disaster.  Matboard, a bunch of old frames I've been storing, piles of papers to file, print samples, ugh, it total chaos. However, I couldn't resist purchasing some new frames, even though I have a ton of old ones to use up . . . why you ask . . . because I'm insane. Anyway, I bought these beautiful plein air frames from kingofframe.com -- the frame division of the Randy Higbee Gallery.  The pictures don't exactly do them justice. And as you can see -- it was a bit of a challenge taking the pictures.  (Although it's my own fault because I'm always telling Teddy what a good helper he is.)

Teddy Helping!
(this photo makes me laugh because he looks so serious when he's
really just a big goof like his mother!)  :)

Finally, here are some pictures of the notecards I just had printed and am packaging up.  In case you're wondering, I use catprint.com.  They are very reasonable and always do a super job (and I really love the quality of their heavy card stock - matte, which is actually a little bit shiny and shows the color sooooo well.)  

Thank you for stopping in and reading my blog. I probably don't say it nearly enough, but I very much appreciate you all reading and commenting. While I try to reply to all your wonderful comments sometimes I may miss a couple or be very tardy and for that I apologize. But please know it truly warms my heart that so many of you have taken an interest in this crazy little blog.  So here's to a productive rest of the week for us all! Keep painting! Cheers!  :)


  1. So proud of you! Everything looks fantastic!!!! Love it all!

  2. Maravilloso proyecto el que tienes entre manos, y no es de extrañar con las cosas tan bonitas que haces. Saludos

  3. You seem to keep yourself busy, have fun. Go go go! (and happy painting) =)

  4. You are one busy lady!! I really love the look of the raspberry painting. :) And Teddy is SO cute! What a big helper of a sweetheart. he he. :D

  5. Hello Kara:) What a lovely dog! Take it easy on yourself!

  6. Hi Kara! I'm back from my trips and I can see you've been very productive these days... Congratulations for the Hopper House Show! The three paintings look great by themselves and especially when presented together... Really well deserved honor! And thank you so much for sharing the resources regarding prints and framing -- I am in mad dash preparing for the holiday season and some art fairs coming up in October, and I could really use these tips! Just started to do my holiday cards using catprint following your advice... I will catch up with you later, and looking forward to see the fisher price ones finished -- they always put a smile on my face...


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