Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Page Tabs

"A Mild Winter"
matted and framed and ready to hang

I'm in the midst of cleaning up my gallery over at Daily Paintworks.  I have some work that has been matted and framed for various shows and therefore I'm adjusting their prices and figuring out how to give the most information I can about each piece.  So I created a page that can be accessed from the navigation bar / tabs located below my blog heading, that will contain more information and close-up images of framed pieces that are for sale.  In addition, I had apparently created a page a while ago with "Rules To A Good Composition" -- just some "rules" that I think about when composing the space in my paintings.  I used to teach this to my students and I think it forces you to think more about creating a dynamic arrangement . . . art that will catch the eye.  

So that's the scoop here.  Bear with me . . . I have some things to do so I'll be back and forth with these pages and information but they should be all set in a couple of days.  Have a great day!


  1. Une peinture très joliment encadrée...
    gros bisous

  2. This painting is one of my favorites. Do you know who Joseph Alleman is? He's a fellow watercolor artist (who is AWESOME) from Utah and your landscapes always remind me of his. He's one of my favorite artists. :) I checked out your composition tab and it is super helpful. I'm sure I'll be back to revisit it. :)

  3. A wonderful piece and I too love the reminder with your composition reminders...always helpful for sure.


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