Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Grandmother's Tea

"Grandmother's Tea"
9.75" x 10"

(what this painting could look like framed)
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I started this one a while ago, but just finished it today. `Tryin' to plug along.


  1. This is so absolutely elegant and beautiful -- I love how you rendered the sun-strike spot on the right side of the cup, it just catches the eye! I also love how you rendered the secondary interest -- the plate under the cup. All that subtle patterns and color temperature shifts! Doing accurate modeling of form is hard in watercolor, but you always do such an excellent job!

    I have a question: did you use masking at all for those thin highlights on the plate under the cup (left side)? If so how did you avoid ripping off the soft surface of Fabriano paper?... Thanks!

    1. Thank you Arena for your thoughtful comments. With regard to your question: I think I just kept scrubbing them out after many if not all of the layers. I started this one so long ago though I don't remember exactly. The soft-pressed takes the color out very easily so you don't have to use a scrubber, just a regular paintbrush. That way the paper's surface doesn't get disturbed. That being said, the tiniest, finest white highlights on the saucer were done with an exacto knife. I often pull up the paper but carefully for such highlights.

    2. Thanks Kara! I just placed some order for the Fabriano soft press and couldn't wait to try them! I'm sure there would be tons of frustrations waiting ahead but after seeing the beautiful lifted effects in your paintings I'm just etching to try my hands on them... So... You can count on me coming back with loads of questions... ;-P

  2. Very pretty Karen. As I've painting a few teacups myself, I can really appreciate this piece!

  3. Thank you so much Laura and Arena.

  4. Really beautiful. I love the light on the cup.

  5. This is so beautiful. The lighting and muted colors create such an elegant painting.


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