Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shadows are hard

Yup, shadows are hard to render for me . . . and this one had all sorts of crazy shines and such.  Gaaaah!  It's that rare moment when I really capture a shadow, but when it comes, it's so satisfying.  So I'll keep practicing.  

I think I'll end up cropping this one to include only the top two pumpkins.  So while I'm not thrilled at the overall outcome . . . there are some parts where I think "hmmmm . . . not bad . . . I'm starting to get it."  My colored pencil technique needs some more work as some of those marks are all over the place.  But this was a fun diversion nonetheless.  (Not to mention, a more successful result than some of my others.  At least I'm moving in the right direction!)


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