Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Glutton for Punishment . . .

So . . . after numerous starts and stops . . . and studies . . . and pure exasperation at my continued failures, I decided to try my hand at another watercolor painting of "3 Pumpkins."  (All previous attempts were made well before I started keeping a blog . . . a blessing in disguise for those who follow my blog -- mainly Dan, Dad and Cheryl!)  So why am I trying again?  Apparently I like punishment.  

I decided I needed more contrast, so while the photo I took has a very dark background, I chose to keep the background in my painting, very light.  Half-way through though, as usual, I was disgusted with my poor, heavy-handed skills on two of the three pumpkins.  How I was I supposed to know I was so challenged at making a pumpkin actually look like a pumpkin from a top view?  Ugh!  So instead of becoming distraught (yet again) . . . I took out the colored pencils and decided to have a go at it.  Here's what's happening so far. 

notice the hideous rendering on the bottom right pumpkin -- yeeeow!  I think the colored pencil is DEFINITELY helping . . . and more importantly I'm having fun!

Understand, I'm really taking a risk posting these images as all hell could break loose at any moment, sending this "painting" off to the trash again.  But I'm determined to make it work this time.  Thank you for joining me on my roller-coaster ride to becoming a better artist!

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