Monday, January 22, 2018

Shipping Packages ... Continued

AWS Postal Scale

Friday I left you with some information on mailing that wasn't totally complete.  So over the weekdn I took a photo of my scale (which will weigh up to 55 lbs. and costs somewhere between $20-30.) You can find this scale (and ones like it) on amazon or the OfficeMax or ULine sites.  Purchasing a postal scale is definitely worth the small investment as it will make your life much easier. 

Here's some other information that took me a little while to figure out but has helped streamline my process:

I find that if you're shipping something that was paid through PayPal it is easiest to click on the button that indicates you'd like to ship that package, while on the PayPal page that shows the sale. You will then be taken to a page where the sender's information is already entered. (It's been so long that I can't remember if you need to set anything up on your end, so forgive me if I'm leaving anything out). From here, you basically just follow the prompts on the page that will ask you what kind of shipping you'd like to use. I generally use Priority 1-3 days -- and if you are using your own packaging/thick envelope it will then prompt you to enter the weight and dimensions of your package.  (You can also use the USPS flat rate shipping envelopes/boxes that you can pick up or order from the Post Office). 

Next, decide if you want insurance, and then just calculate your shipping. It's pretty much, that easy. Print out your shipping label and you're done! Your shipping cost comes directly out of your PayPal account. And you will have a tracking number that you can click on at any time to check on the status of your shipment. You can also opt to have an email sent directly to your buyer, letting them know that their shipment is on its way.

I find using PayPal to ship is easier than going to the USPS site, which confuses me. However, I have managed to use it and it works fine. It just takes me a little longer because I'm not that familiar with it and there are so many ways to mail a package I find it more time-consuming to find what I need. But you might not find it as confusing.

And here's a final important trick:
If you weren't paid through PayPal but want to ship through PayPal (because you find it easier like I do), this is what I do:  you can go to -- you just have to already be signed in to PayPal. Then just follow the prompts. I have never been able to find a menu item on PayPal's site that indicates how to ship a package. Thus, I've bookmarked the link above so that I can easily go there when I want to ship something.

I hope this information helps you find the easiest method for you!  Happy painting, selling and shipping!

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