Thursday, April 11, 2013

Easter Hiatus

"Froloff's Barns" -- almost done . . .
approximately 12" x 10"

I'm back!  :)  Every so often I need to take a little break and catch up on "home chores" and other stuff. Usually when the household chores and other responsibilities catch up to me, I still pressure myself to paint and post, but find it very difficult to focus . . . on anything.  (Does that ever happen to you?) When this happens to me, I totally lose my painting mojo;  it's like my brain won't connect with my hands and it's very frustrating -- almost depressing. However, instead of fighting it this time and feeling like a failure, I decided to just give and and take a "vacation." I let go of the pressure to paint and blog, and allowed myself the time to just goof around. I picked away at my household chores only when I felt like it and eventually found myself in a much better place to paint. I must say, it was a welcomed rest. So here's the little bit of progress I've made as I ease back into my groove. Thanks for your patience! 


  1. The sea is amazing I am seasick by ha ha and the other are also very nice hugs Danielle

  2. Welcome back ! Looks beautiful so far!

  3. I know just how you feel, I have to do the same thing. This painting is looking great!


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