Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Moment's Rest

"A Moment's Rest"
13" x 10.5"
(watercolor on Fabriano hot pressed paper- 300 lb.)

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A while back I posted an "almost done" image of this painting, here and on Facebook, and asked for your help regarding names.  I got a few responses -- all were really good and very helpful.  I decided on "A Moment's Rest" -- a suggestion from my friend June.  I thought it captured the serenity of the image while offering a story for the viewer to fill in.  I've decided to put all the suggestions/names in a hat and pull out one winner who will receive a small gift.  If you didn't get a chance to offer a name for this painting, don't worry . . . I spent some time yesterday preparing new paintings and will be asking for your help again.

Another little tidbit . . . I had a wonderful time a couple weeks ago presenting a workshop on blogging at the Concord Art Association.  I think the day was a success . . . I know I had a good time and enjoyed meeting some very nice and talented people.  I had very eager students who added to a great discussion on art, blogging and online marketing.  So if you attended the class and are reading this -- THANK YOU for a great day!  :)

Finally . . . I'm working on two little paintings that I'll be posting in the next couple days.  Below is one in progress.  Can you tell I'm looking forward to Spring?  Also, on Monday we had the first class of a 5-week watercolor workshop I'm teaching here at my studio and it was a blast!!  I'm already looking forward to next Monday and seeing what everyone produces.  So far we have four beautiful preliminary washes!  It really is very exciting. 

"Springtime" - wip
6" x 6"
(watercolor on aquabord)

Thank you for stopping by . . . and happy painting!


  1. I love both of these paintings, Kara! The colors you have bouncing around on the window mullions are just beautiful!

  2. I have new appreciation for you watercolorists, Kara. I always love your work, but until recently have been a little removed from it since I'm so unfamiliar with the medium. Dabbled a bit this week and have even more respect for what you do - the ability to say exactly what you mean to and still surrender control enough to let the medium shine. That's not easy and really something to aspire to. Love both of these by the way, and congrats on the recent workshop - sounds like a good time. ♥

    1. Thank you Karen -- so nice of you to comment, and such nice sentiments. I often wonder if I beat the medium to death, so your comment is very appreciated. It's always such a dubious dance with me. So thank you.


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