Saturday, February 9, 2013

Building A Painting (part 2)

Pushing on . . . 


  1. this is really beautiful and i love the warm colors in the door!

  2. Thank you for showing these detailed step-by-steps Kara! I love seeing your working methods... This one is almost finished isn't it?

    I am amazed at your speed of working for such a large painting. Then again, it's not just the speed but also your meticulous attention to the details even when working fast that amazes me the most...

    I have a couple of questions regarding this painting, but if you don't have time, don't write back until you are done with all you need to do! I don't mind waiting at all -- you must be so busy now with the teaching and all the paintings you are doing...

    I see you used masking on the jug after putting some colors on it already. I was wondering why you choose to use masking tape instead of masking fluid? And what kind of tape you use for this? Does any color lift after you peel off the tape? I know fabriano paper is very soft and susceptible to any kind of adhesive, so I was very hesitant in using masking on it. If you have any tips for work on it with masking, I'd really love to learn about them! Thanks again for sharing...

  3. I love seeing your paintings in progress. The light is beautiful as are your color choices. Looking forward to seeing the finished painting!


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