Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Cards

I just received the proofs for my Christmas cards -- LOVE THEM!  If you haven't ever tried you should give them a whirl -- I use them for all my printed cards.  I particularly like the little holly leaf and berry I put on the inside sentiment for the "Vintage Bulb" card -- I wanted you to see that little detail.  :)

ALSO . . . I would like to thank Carrie Waller for interviewing me for her blog. Below is her painting, "Pomegranates and Cranberries." 

Carrie is a fellow watercolorist and blogger.  In addition to posting her own work she also features different artists on Fridays. I was quite tickled when she asked if she could interview me and post some of my work. I had long admired hers, so of course said yes. So if you're interested in seeing some more of her beautiful work or finding out more about my work process (or whether I prefer chocolate or vanilla ice cream) :) check out her blog or her latest post.  

And speaking of paintings -- I've been a little lame lately, but I assure you I'll be posting a new one this weekend, so stay tuned!  :)


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