Thursday, August 4, 2011

Well, it's about time!

My Little Town
4' x 8'
Yippee!!  I can't tell you how happy I am that I'm finished with this panel.  Although I could've given it more life -- cows, more little details, I must admit, I was ready to be done.  I think though, that for my next "naive" landscape I will try my hand at little more whimsy -- adding people and animals.  I am horrible at rendering both, so at the point that I was ready to add them to this painting, I was feeling "done" and not ready to tackle more stuff.  :)  Anyhoo . . . this panel will be on display on the lawn of the cultural center in Southbridge, MA along with 24 others as part of an "Art Walk" -- a 100' fence made up by the 25 panels by 25 artists residing in the 25 towns that are members of the Quineboag Valley Council for the Arts and Humanities.  For more information about this organization and its events, you can click here.  The display will last from August 8th - 28th -- all day, everyday, then on August 28th at noon, each panel will be auctioned off.  Hopefully someone will bid on mine.  I've participated in one other auction like this, and it made me very nervous.  It was a very good outcome, but beforehand I couldn't help but feel like I was going to be the last kid picked for dodgeball in gym class!  Ha!  One never knows how it'll turn out.

So that's all . . . now it's back to weeding the gardens (they are out of control!) and cleaning the house (I could make pillows out of the dog fur!) and alas -- watercolors!  I'm happy to be back!


  1. Hi Kara. Stumbled upon your blog by accident, and glad I did. Fascinating info, and a really diverse cross-section of work and styles! Great blog

  2. Hi Kara. I see you keep yourself busy. It is lovely. Think you balanced things nicely, and I agree with the feeling "if I ad more I might ruin it". Sometimes it is best to keep things simply.


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