Friday, May 13, 2011

Daily Paintworks Entry

"Peel Me A Grape" . . . (Tomato?)
6" x 6"

I must have a serious tomato fetish.  This week's Daily Paintworks Challenge is vegetables.  Pretty much this was all I had in my fridge worth painting, although I did toy with the idea of painting a jar of pickled beets!  (I do love tomatoes though).  So now it's back to my "Big Tomatoes" . . . have a good weekend!


  1. I noticed your painting on the daily paintworks challenge. It's a slightly unusual composition and is eye-catching. The tomatoes look good enough to eat, but I really like the way you painted the plastic container and the shadows.

  2. This is a beautiful composition. I love all the white with purple shadows. The tomatoes are gorgeous, glistening with light. Beautiful color combination. Yum!

  3. M.D. and Virginia -- I haven't been able to paint or post since last week, but I wanted to thank both for your kind comments.


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